Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 01/04/2023

> Introduction:

Sumdigital is deeply committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of your personal information. This comprehensive Privacy Policy delineates our practices pertaining to the collection, utilization, and disclosure of information during your engagement with our esteemed digital marketing services. By availing our services, you manifest your consent to adhere to the practices expounded within this policy.

> Information We Collect:

We may methodically gather and process the subsequent categories of personal information when you partake in our services:

2.1. Contact Information: At your discretion, we may collect your appellation, electronic mail address, telephone number, and other pertinent contact particulars that you may voluntarily furnish.

2.2. Business Information: To facilitate a more profound comprehension of your requisites and to furnish services that are precisely tailored to your needs, we might accumulate data pertaining to your business, encompassing but not limited to your brand nomenclature, digital domain, and industry classification.

2.3. Advertising Data: Essential data germane to your advertising endeavors, inclusive of advertisement content, targeting criteria, and performance metrics, could be collated to underpin the optimization of your campaigns, a pivotal facet of our operations.

2.4. Advertising Graphic Designs: Should you opt to provide us with advertising graphic designs or analogous materials, these resources might be stored and employed for the orchestration and oversight of your advertising initiatives.

> How We Utilize Your Information:

The information amassed is harnessed for the subsequent objectives:

3.1. Provision of Services: Your furnished information constitutes the bedrock for the delivery of the digital marketing services you have explicitly requested, encompassing domains such as Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing/Internet Advertising, Sponsored Advertising, Social Platform Advertising, and the multifaceted realm of Advertising Graphic Design.

3.2. Communication: Your contact particulars could be employed to engage with you regarding the status of your campaigns, pertinent updates, and salient information germane to your involvement.

3.3. Performance Enhancement: Rigorous scrutiny of campaign data is conducted to ameliorate campaign performance and to engender actionable insights that can be harnessed to your advantage.

> Sharing of Information:

Rest assured, your personal information is not disseminated, bartered, or transferred to third parties for promotional endeavors. Nonetheless, the following scenarios warrant the sharing of your information:

4.1. Service Providers: We might engage trusted third-party service providers who operate under the aegis of confidentiality agreements, exclusively deploying your information for purposes meticulously stipulated by us, as they collaboratively facilitate the execution of our services.

4.2. Legal Imperatives: In compliance with the law or in defense of our rights, privacy, well-being, or assets, your information may be divulged under circumstances that warrant it.

> Data Retention:

We conscientiously retain your personal information only for the temporal expanse requisite to fulfill the ambit of purposes enunciated within this Privacy Policy and to uphold legal obligations. Once the information becomes surplus to necessity, it is systematically expunged in a manner that guarantees security.

> Your Entitlements:

You are vested with the prerogative to access, rectify, update, or obliterate the personal information that we retain concerning you. To exercise these entitlements, kindly initiate contact via [email protected] Notwithstanding, it is pertinent to note that particular information may necessitate retention for legal or substantiated business motives.

> Security:

Our operational ecosystem integrates meticulous technical and organizational measures, calibrated to preempt unauthorized access, tampering, disclosure, or destruction of your personal information.

> Alterations to this Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy might undergo periodic revisions to mirror adaptations in our operational methodology or legal prerequisites. Notice of substantial modifications shall be disseminated to you via electronic mail or conspicuously posted on our official website.

> Contact Us:

Should any queries or concerns arise concerning this Privacy Policy or our data practices, please do not hesitate to communicate with us at [email protected]

By availing our services, you unequivocally endorse the stipulations enunciated within this Privacy Policy.

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