Company Name: Sumdigital

Client: Adidas

Industry: Athletic Shoes, Apparel, Sporting Goods

Project Duration: 10/06/22 – 9/06/23


Sumdigital is a renowned digital marketing agency known for its exceptional expertise in Social Platform Advertising. This client portfolio encapsulates our collaboration with Adidas, highlighting the strategies implemented and the remarkable outcomes achieved during the project.

Services Provided:

> Social Platform Advertising:

Sumdigital orchestrated a compelling Social Platform Advertising campaign for Adidas. Our proficiency in identifying the most suitable platforms, crafting captivating ad creatives, and optimizing campaign delivery allowed us to drive engagement, elevate brand awareness, and accomplish the client’s marketing objectives.


  • Discovery and Analysis: We commenced by thoroughly understanding Adidas’s industry landscape, target audience, and competitors. This in-depth analysis formed the cornerstone of our strategy, enabling us to design campaigns that resonated with the client’s unique positioning.
  • Strategic Blueprint: Based on our insights, Sumdigital meticulously designed a tailor-made Social Platform Advertising strategy for Adidas. Our approach aimed to amplify brand presence, foster meaningful interactions, and achieve tangible results across social media channels.
  • Campaign Execution: The implementation phase encompassed creating engaging ad content, selecting optimal ad formats, and launching the campaigns across selected platforms. Rigorous monitoring and real-time optimizations were integral to ensuring campaign efficacy.
  • Performance Evaluation: Sumdigital provided regular performance evaluations to Adidas, encompassing key metrics, user behavior insights, and actionable recommendations. This transparent reporting facilitated informed decision-making and ongoing campaign enhancements.

Results Achieved:

  • 5.5% increase in brand engagement on social media platforms, underscoring the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.
  • 20% boost in website traffic attributed to the Social Platform Advertising initiatives.

Client Feedback:

“Adidas commends Sumdigital’s proficiency in Social Platform Advertising. Their strategic approach and adept execution have been pivotal in augmenting our online footprint. The team’s insights and proactive communication have contributed significantly to achieving our marketing aspirations.”

Sumdigital takes immense pride in its ability to deliver transformative digital marketing solutions. This portfolio epitomizes our commitment to excellence and showcases our adeptness in propelling brands to new heights through strategic Social Platform Advertising. Should you aspire to enhance your brand’s digital prominence, Sumdigital invites you to embark on a collaborative journey.

  • For inquiries or further information about Sumdigital’s services, please contact us at [email protected]
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    Social Platform Advertising
  • Date:
    10/06/22 - 9/06/23